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Why does my project require stamped and sealed drawings?

Even in the computer age, a full-sized blueprint is the main way technical information is communicated. Blueprints, or "prints," show in graphic terms, with written annotations, how to build things. Prints are still essential to the world of construction. There are many reasons for this, but a print can show a map, a floorplan, and a wall detail - as no other medium can. In prints we are comfortable with having the scale change, moving from macro view to micro inset.

So, not only is a print the key to getting a project built, it is also the key to getting a project approved. Be it building code enforcement, or environmental agency approval, or other government body. The print shows compliance to the code, and final construction can be checked to comply with the print. This is the basic check and balance system for compliance.


So why sealed and stamped by a Professional Engineer or Architect? Depending on the project, states rely on State Licensed Architects, Engineers, and Geologists to protect the public welfare. These professionals help to show that the minimum requirements are met, and often ask for more depending on the desired goals. Yes, your project may already meet all code requirements, but the print is a way to state them clearly for technical review.

Even a "private" club is a public building, and needs to comply with building codes, ADA and other requirements. The accepted way to show compliance is with the stamped drawings of a registered professional. This gives a graphical and paper basis for the final product.

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